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Social Responsibility
Enriching the service for “Sannong” and implementing rural revitalization strategies.

To show our integrity and determination, we strengthened the top-level design, promoted reform and innovations in key areas including the “Big Sannong”, “New Sannong” and “Unique Sannong”, enhanced financial services for supply-side agricultural reform and fostered our “No.1 Project” for serving “Sannong” , so as to open an economic renaissance for rural areas, better living environment, and prosperous farmers. Always taking financial poverty alleviation as an important political and social responsibility, we hold nothing back when addressing poverty alleviation.

Serving supply-side structural reform and supporting transformation of the real economy.

With the unwavering perseverance, we focused on measures to build the modern economy, supported supply-side structural reform and carried out five high-priority tasks which include: reducing overcapacity, eliminating excess inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs, and strengthening areas of weakness. At the same time, to comply with major regional strategies of the country, we increased financial services in new industries, new forms of business and new modes such as new economy industries and welfare industries. We established new mode of inclusive finance - “Sannong Finance Business Department plus Inclusive Finance Business Department” and implemented the national strategy of supporting the development of small and micro businesses, to improve the national economic health.

Green finance is the key to reducing pollution.

We implemented our three-year plan for green finance and developed green credits, green investment bank, and green customer finance. As the first bank to issue a green bond in China, we cooperated with international organizations to launch carbon finance services and worked to establish a green financial system that plays a leading role domestically and internationally, so as to provide strong supports for the coordinated progress in economic, political, cultural, social and ecological deployment as well as greendevelopment in China. ABC contributed wisdom to winning the battle of pollution prevention and control, striving to take a leading role in promoting the building of a more beautiful China.

Promoting innovations in products and services and meeting customers’ financial needs.

We have continued to improve our customer service system, took advantage of our global network and diverse platforms, and provided customers with more intelligent, convenient, and high quality financial services with new technologies such as “Internet Plus” and big data. We established and developed the rights and interests protection system for our clients with a focus on systemic control and long-term mechanism, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

Facilitating the employees’ growth and career development and progressing together.

Adhering to a people-centric approach, we respect and protect the enthusiasm and creativity of the 490,000 employees of ABC. We respect their talents and continue to improve the talent management system and social security system, carried out the reform of dual career development paths and established a platform for employees to realize their own life values, so that they could make progress with the company in building a world-class commercial banking corporation and enjoy their achievements within ABC.

Boosting the stable and harmonious communities and working together to build a happier China.

Upholding the idea of common development and shared achievements, we actively participated in community building. We have carried out educational programs to mprove the public’s awareness of guarding against counterfeiting, money laundering, fraud and illegal fund-raising, etc. As a large state-owned bank, we also are responsible for carrying out charitable activities, strengthening volunteer team building, and establishing a finance-featured public welfare platform to support disaster relief and reconstruction, which is our responsibility as a corporate citizen.