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On-site Service
Standard window service.
We select the outlets which excel at foreign exchange business with good facilities and strong abilities as the key outlets to serve the China International Import Expo. We set up the “Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch Service Program for China International Import Expo”. In this program, we can provide customers with considerate and standard window service in the outlets from 6 aspects, including the better business hours, clean outlet environment, considerate service, well-functioned ATMs, service for customer with disabilities, and customer complaints.

Real time security assurance.
We comprehensively upgraded the security facilities located in the key areas around the National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the use of a large number of digital and intelligent technologies, we can capture facial information and link to public security network in real time, and timely flag and eliminate security risks. The Agricultural Bank of China has set up the “Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch Import Expo Safety and Security Implementation Plan” for more than 420 business outlets throughout Shanghai. We have formulated emergency plans for nine emergencies such as robbery cases, theft cases, gun cases, mass incidents, suspicious packages, explosions, fire incidents, natural disasters, and epidemics. We will provide solid and reliable security for local and foreign customers who come to the Agricultural Bank's business outlets.

Efficient back office support.
We have selected staff from International Banking Department, Retail Banking Department and Internal Control and Compliance Department of Shanghai Branch to set up a foreign exchange advisory expert group to enhance business training and emergency response. In the three weeks before, during and after the exhibition, we set up a green channel of foreign financial services for the Expo, which is seamlessly connected with the green channel of the regulatory authorities. We set up a hotline to accept consultations by outlets and give advice on how to conduct business in a fully compliant manner. In this way, we strive to provide efficient service for import and export settlement, and to offer convenient service to the exhibitors and individuals participating in the Expo.

Enthusiastic volunteer service.
Agricultural Bank of China actively participates in “Youth Shanghai” volunteer service special program under the “Shanghai Service” city brand. During the first China International Import Expo, the Agricultural Bank of China will be responsible for 10 “Youth Shanghai” volunteer service stations and set up 17 “Youth Shanghai” volunteer service teams with both numbers ranked first among the Shanghai financial youth league committee system. During the period, ABC will have 780 young volunteers participating in the volunteer activities of the Expo. We will follow the world's first-class volunteer service standards and provide high-quality information consultation, translation, emergency services and publication services for exhibitors from all over the world. While contributing to the "Shanghai Service" city brand, we will also demonstrate the spirit of ABC and the Shanghai banking industry.