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Cross-border E-commerce Services
Adhering to the concept of openness and sharing, agricultural bank of China relies on the group's synthesis capacity to provide cross-border e-commerce financial services solutions covering the whole process of collection, payment, exchange, settlement and loan for customers, which including import enterprises, cross-border e-commerce platforms and cross-border payment institutions.
Cross-border e- collection Cross-border e-payment Cross-border e- exchange
To solve the problem of account opening in places and countries different from the location of the branch.
Cross-border opening of domestic and foreign accounts
Cross-border opening of online banking function
Integrate multiple online payment methods to achieve safe cross-border payment.
Cross-border online payment
Payment system linked with customs system
Intelligent and customized for customer online exchange and hedging.
online foreign exchange settlement and sale
online delayed foreign exchange sale
bulk foreign exchange settlement and sale
Cross-border e-settlement Cross-border e-loan
To provide customers with the payment and regulatory reporting services.
Online foreign currency remittance
Online cross-border RMB remittance
Automated processing of regulatory reporting
Multi-level, multi-variety e-loans to speed up the customer's capital turnover.
Online cross-border supply chain financing
Online trade financing
Online SME loans