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Buyers (importers)
1.Product introduction.
Agricultural Bank of China can provide a variety of import trade settlement and financing products tailored for different settlement methods and currencies according to different demands in various steps of the import activities, and can also offer relevant corresponding capital trading products and foreign exchange trading products.

2.Main functions.
We provide bank credit and financing facilities to effectively solve the problem of insufficient information communication between buyers and sellers and lack of credit status; to solve the problem of temporary shortage of capital of import enterprises, improve the efficiency of capital turnover and reduce the operating cost of enterprises; to meet currency conversion and exchange rate risk hedging needs.

3.Target customers.
Various enterprises engaged in import trade and handling import settlement.

4.Featured products.
A variety of products and services such as import L/C issuance, import factoring, import finance, import refinancing, per aval, cross-border participation and financing, spot sale of foreign exchange, RMB to foreign exchange derivative products (including forward, option, etc.) can be selected to match different settlement methods, covering the whole process of import trade.

Trade Links Customers ‘needs ABC’s solutions
Deal making Identify counterparty risks (including country risks, commercial risks and legal risks, etc.) Consulting services.
Our bank can provide the exporter's business credit information through the third-party credit company cooperating with our bank according to your (domestic purchasers’) commission .
Order payment Get credit support from the bank The letter of credit.
Open letter of credit (free of deposit).
Documents or goods received Improve the efficiency of capital turnover.
Simplify customs clearance procedures.
Per Aval.
In transactions settled by D/A or T/T, the agricultural bank of China guarantees the credit and solvency of the importer and constitutes the irrevocable bank guarantee of the Agricultural Bank of China by inserting the word "PER AVAL" and the name of the Bank on the accepted draft.
Guarantee on delivery.
When the imported goods arrive in advance of the bill of lading, the importer issues the guarantee on delivery to the carrier or its agent for delivery of the goods, signed by us and we assume joint and several liability for the written guarantee service.
Payment at maturity 1. Reduce capital occupation.
2. Get credit support from the bank.
3. Avoid exchange rate risks.
4. Relying on global network inquiry to obtain low-cost financing support.
Import factoring.
As an import factoring  bank, ABC can provide services such as guarantee for the credit risk of importers, and help enterprises win the trust of exporters, thus obtaining lower import prices and longer tenor.
Import finance.
Cross-border Refinance.
Commodity trade finance
Agricultural Bank of China provides a complete supply chain financing service for qualified import trade of bulk commodities with imported commodities as collaterals .
Relevant foreign exchange trading products (namely, forward ,european vallina option, capped forward etc.)